Taking Khayrah to Cambridge

'Taking Khayrah to Cambridge', in Ambit

Fiction. “Khayrah taught me: that there is an app that tells you where Mecca is; that the Master's assistant's eyebrows are on fleek...”

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Texas Is Not a Desert

'Texas Is Not a Desert', in American Chordata

Fiction. “Hayden already did gold on her bridesmaids, but bless her heart, I’ll do it better...”

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Want to Escape the City?

'Want to Escape the City?', in Litro

Fiction. “I slept with A. Then I slept with C. Then I slept with S. Then I slept with T. Then I slept with K. Then my mother died and I moved to Barcelona...”

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Term, with 3:AM Press

Term was a chapbook of experimental short fiction illustrated by Christiana Spens, published by 3:AM Press and distributed by Galley Beggar Press.

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